About Us

About Us

From what they said “If we get to do what we love, what we’re fascinated, or what we’re interested, it will always go well.”, this quote inspired us to create the brand of honey “Ongdhong” since 2014 with Honey Polyplus Company as a producer and seller to expand our consumer market not only for seniority or health lovers but for everyone. We choose the best quality honey with the punctilious manufacturing and packaging from the bee farm and factory from our company group qualified by international standard. With the expectation to export our qualified products to world market until now, “Ongdhong” is available for not only in Thailand but also in various countries. Our company can reassure that “Ongdhong” will be the well-known international thai honey brand soon.

From our slogan “Best Quality Till The Last Drop”

The Owner’s Determination

Since 2014, our company has run a business as a honey distributor under the high quality honey brand “Ongdhong”. With our intention and dedication, we have spent 30 years to select the best honey for your health in Premium Product Premium Brand.

Our company promises that we will find and select the best honey with all of our knowledge and ability to send it to all of our customers around the world as our slogan “BEST QUALITY TILL THE LAST DROP”.

Lastly, “Ongdhong” would like to thank all of our customers for always being interested in our products. We hope that we will have a chance to serve you forever.

Our Vision

“Ongdhong” intentionally selects the best honey for health exported to people around the world.


• Our company will dedicate all of our capacity and intention to select the best quality honey for our consumers and the society.
• Our company will develop the products to be various and bring new technology of manufacture and package to make the most efficient products.
• Our company will make “Ongdhong” to be approved by worldwide customers.
• Our company will take care of our customers, our employees and our business partners as our family.
• Our company will donate some part of our income back to the community.

About the Farm

Every honey drop from “Ongdhong” is selected from bee farm certified by GAP (Good Agriculture Practice). With our expectation to make “The Best Quality Honey”, we start by choosing the source of our ingredients which is the most important part before we produce and contain honey. Therefore, we try to experience and find the way to choose the best natural honey. You can make sure that honey from “Ongdhong” is truly qualified as our slogan “Best Quality Till The Last Drop”.

The Standard of Bee Farm

  • GAP (Good Agriculture Practices: GAP)Certification of High Quality Agriculture for Livestock by Department of Livestock Development

Quality Control and Standard of Factory

  • GMP Certified by Department of Livestock Development
  • FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration)
  • FDA (Thailand Food and Drug Administration)